Help us to develop our range of themed cables, and receive a massive 50% discount.

Here at Kool Keys, we only colour match our Cerakote and custom dying to actual keycaps, and not Pantone or RAL swatches. There's a good reason for this; Accuracy.

The majority of custom keycap group buys will publish the colour data so you would think that replicating a keycap set's colours would be easy, right? Well, the issue is that manufacturing processes often can't get an exact match, and more often, the issue is that the designers of the keycaps will sometimes accept a less than perfect match during the colour matching process. Normally, this isn't an issue for the customer of the keycaps, as most people just want them to look the same as the original renders and would never actually compare them to a Pantone or RAL swatch. The issue is when you try to match the colour using the published Pantone or RAL colours inconsistencies become apparent. As a result, we only match from actual keycaps to keep the colour matching as close as possible to the originals.


Obviously, making matching accessories this way means we can't possibly make a match for every keycap set made unless we physically have the keycaps. This is not possible for practical reasons, and even if it were, many sets are no longer available, but still extremely widely used by the community. This means that some adored, and famous sets will take a long time for us to create the best cables to accompany them, as obtaining them is difficult and not to mention in some cases, very costly.

So here's where you, fellow keyboard enthusiast, can help us to help the community (and you as well). If you want the ultimate colour matched cable to accompany your keycap set, but we don't currently make one, you can request it, and if the keycaps are currently a set we can obtain, we will do our utmost to do so. However, you are welcome to send spare, or unused keycaps to us for colour matching, and upon completion of the colour formulas required, we will not only return your keycaps via fully insured, tracked and signed for shipping (as you would obviously expect), but will also offer a massive 50% discount on a Pro Themed range cable based on your set (or any other from the range).

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please contact us using the "Contact Us" web form, or e-mail to arrange shipping and to discuss the details of the cable you will receive a one off discount code for as a big thank you. We would normally require a Modifier key, Accent key and an Alpha key as the most popular option for custom cables is to include these colours in combination. However, a modifier and alpha key only may be acceptable depending on the set in question.

As the process of colour matching and formulating Cerakote colours is time consuming, we cannot give a lead time for your discounted cable, but we will be in full communication with you at all times to give you updates. We do however anticipate times will be similar to ordinary custom orders using our "Design-Your-Own" orders, which are published at the top of every page.

Please note that there there are no guarantees that we will be able to match every colour. If it becomes evident that no suitable match can be made, we will return the keycaps to you, and still offer the 50% discount on any other cable in our range.

This offer only applies to genuine custom keycaps, and not clones/copies. This is not due to any kind of prejudice; this is purely because the colours of cloned keycaps are nearly always not accurate and faithful to the originals, so would be of no use to us for this purpose.

Kool Keys reserve the right to refuse this offer based on the popularity of the keycap set being offered. If we see no demand for a set, it would not be wise to invest in formulating new colours for it.