• Do you ship to....?

    The countries we ship to are all listed in the drop down location menu at the top of each page. Select your country from the drop down menu at the top of any page. If your country is not supported, please get in touch and we will try our best to add your country to our list if reasonably priced shipping is available. We still may be able to ship your individual order to your country even if Kool Keys cannot add it to the approved list. Get in touch and we will do what we can for you. Depending on your location, there may be customs duty or tax to pay on arrival. This is beyond our control.

  • How long will I wait for my cable?

    This depends on where you are, and whether you bought from our in stock range, or used our Design Your Own configurator. In stock cables ship within 48 hours (excluding weekends), so if you are in the EU, you should receive your cable within 5 days. If you ordered a bespoke cable using our configurator, then the manufacturing lead times are always listed at the very top of each page in the banner. All times are times to fulfilment and exclude the actual time it takes to ship. Shipping times are (approximately) 7 days for North America; 5 days for most EU countries. 8 days for most Asian countries, and 2 days for UK.

  • I'm new to all this, and not sure how to use the configurator, can you Help?

    Don't worry. Get in touch, and we will do our best to guide you through it, or just discuss your order with you, and we can design it for you. However, take a look at our "Glossary of Parts" section to see examples of the sections in the configurator as this explains most things.

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  • Returns?

    We cannot offer returns unless the product is faulty. We make hand made, artisan products. All sales are final. Please ensure you are confident that you are ordering the correct product. If you are unsure, please get in touch to discuss the order, or ask any questions you may have. We'd much rather get your order correct, and if that means spending some time talking to you, then we're happy to do so. You, dear customer are our number one priority.

    If you do have a faulty cable, please see our guarantee T&Cs in the "About Kool Keys" section.

  • What if you don't sell or make what I need?

    There are so many possible combinations of connectors, colours, sleeving etc. that it's innevitable that there will always be something we don't have. Don't worry, just get in touch with us. If you can describe it, or send images of what you require, and it's possible to make it, we will make it for you.

  • What if I change my mind?

    If you designed your own cable, we offer a 48 hour period in which you can change your order. After this period, there is a chance that we will have started production, so we will be unable to change the order.

    If you ordered an instock cable, then there's a good chance we will ship it the same day... sometimes possibly within hours, so we urge you to consider the order carefully. All sales are final. If you have any doubts about whether what you are ordering is correct for your needs, please get in touch and ask us. We genuinely love talking to customers, and would rather spend time talking to you in order to get the order right for you than send you the wrong cable.

  • What if my cable becomes faulty?

    We can confidently say that this is highly unlikely due to the lengths we go to in order to make the cable as perfect as possible, but things can go wrong, and manufacturing defects of parts occasionally can happen even with the best products. We've got you covered. All our Premium and Pro-Themed cables come with a limited life time guarantee, and all Simply Cable products come with a five year guarantee. Click here to read all the terms and conditions.

  • Do the Pro-Themed cables match clone keycaps?

    They may do is the only answer we can give. Clone/copy keycaps are often not exactly the same colour as the originals and as we match against the original keycaps there may be slight differences that are beyond our control. They will obviously be a good compliment to them, and won't look out of place, but compared side by side, clone keycaps may not be a perfect 1:1 match.