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GMK Botanical R2

GMK Botanical R2

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A perfectly matched cable for this classic keycap set. Colour matched to actual keycaps, not Pantone or RAL swatches.

Type: USB Type C keyboard connection. USB Type A PC connection.

Device Side: Straight.  4.5 inches excluding connectors. 7 inches including connectors.

Host Side: 5ft

Cable: 26AWG LSZH 4 core shielded. USB 2.0 Compliant.

Quick Connect: 1B Lemo style finished in custom formulated Cerakote to match GMK Botanical keycaps.  Main body matches the modifier keys, with the accent ring matching accent keys. All soldered connections are insulated with injected silicon.


Device Side - CNC alloy type C finished in custom formulated Cerakote to match GMK GMK Botanical modifier keys. Epoxy resin filled to form a solid state connector.

Host Side - Nickel plated type A shell and genuine Techflex Polyolefin 3:1 shrink in white. Silicon injected.

Sleeving:  Custom dyed MDPC-X XTC giving a perfect match for GMK Botanical alpha keys. Double sleeved.

Notes on colour fidelity: This product is colour matched to genuine GMK Botanical, and may not be an exact match to cloned/replica copies.  Colour matching done in direct sunlight. Use of discontinuous spectrum light sources such as fluorescent or low CRI LEDs should not be used to evaluate colour fidelity as metamerism becomes a factor.
Certain ABS plastics are prone to fade or colour change with age and UV exposure, and also resin mixing tolerances are not perfect for any manufacturer from batch to batch, so one round of a keycap set may be slightly different from the next. Being different materials than the keycaps, Cerakote and sleeving may also appear different in certain lighting due to differences in surface texture.  We have done all we can within the limits of practicality to ensure the best colour match, but minute differences may sometimes be beyond our control.

 Note: Design style of CNC Type C connectors may change without notice due to supply changes.

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