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Kool Keys



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If you like pinks, purples and violets, then Piolet hits the spot.  A perfect compliment to any pink or violet keyboard, or any keycap set based on pinks or violet/light purple tones.

Type: USB Type C keyboard connection. USB Type A PC connection.

Device Side: 6 inch straight (excluding connectors)

Host Side: 5ft

Cable: 26AWG LSZH 4 core shielded.

Quick Connect: 1B Lemo style finished in Pink Sherbet Cerakote with Bright Purple Cerakote accent. All soldered connections are insulated with injected silicon. White alignment dots. Purple heatshrink collet nut accent.


Device Side - CNC alloy type C finished in Pink Sherbet Cerakote. Epoxy resin filled to form a solid state connector.

Host Side - Nickel plated type A shell and genuine Techflex Polyolefin 3:1 shrink in purple. Silicon injected.

Sleeving:  Double sleeved - Base layer XXX White MDPX-X XTC. Top layer Vivid Violet MDPC-X

  Note: Design style of CNC Type C connectors may change without notice due to supply changes.

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