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Straight Grey Aviator

Straight Grey Aviator

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A simple, well made cable using classic chrome GX16 Aviator connectors finished in a neutral grey to match a wide range of colours.

Type: USB Type C keyboard connection. USB Type A PC connection.

Device Side: 5 inch straight. (excluding connectors)

Host Side: 5ft (152cm)

Cable:  26AWG 4 core shielded.

Quick Connect: Classic Nickel Plated GX16 Aviator. Thread locked with Loctite 277, so no worries about accidentally unscrewing the female end connector when unscrewing the lock ring.


  • Device Side - Shell and heatshrink. Silicon injected. Genuine Techflex Polyolefin 3:1 Shrink in black. 
  • Host Side - Nickel plated Type A shell with genuine Techflex Polyolefin 3:1 shrink in black. Silicon injected.

Sleeving: Double sleeved: Base layer black 550 paracord. Top layer finished in grey Techflex.


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